Best Practices for Good Distribution Practices Audit Preparation and Execution

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Introduction to Good Distribution Practices (GDP)

GDP forms the backbone of pharmaceutical supply chain integrity. Learn the art of conducting successful GDP audits for seamless compliance.

Importance of GDP Audits

Explore why GDP audits are mission-critical for pharmaceutical companies, ensuring that products maintain their identity, strength, quality, and purity throughout the distribution process.

Preparing for a GDP Audit

Understanding Regulatory Requirements

Navigate the intricate web of regulations that govern pharmaceutical distribution. From local to international, grasp the requirements that shape your audit process.

Appointing an Internal GDP Audit Team

Building an adept internal team is fundamental. Designate roles, responsibilities, and expertise to ensure a comprehensive audit from within your organization.

Conducting a Pre-Audit Self Inspection

Before the auditors arrive, conduct an internal audit. Identify potential pitfalls, rectify issues, and streamline processes to stand strong during the actual GDP audit.

Executing the GDP Audit

Comprehensive Documentation Review

Delve into the sea of paperwork. Learn how to meticulously review and organize documentation to substantiate your adherence to GDP standards.

Physical Infrastructure Assessment

Your facilities are under the microscope. Understand how auditors evaluate storage, handling areas, and overall infrastructure to ensure conformity with GDP.

Temperature Control and Monitoring

Temperature excursions can be disastrous. Master the methods to monitor and control temperature during storage and transportation, safeguarding product efficacy.

Supplier Qualification and Management

Your partners matter. Learn to evaluate, select, and manage suppliers meticulously to maintain the integrity of the products flowing through your distribution channel.

Training Records and Competency Assessment

Well-trained staff are your greatest asset. Discover how to maintain exhaustive training records and consistently assess staff competence to meet GDP criteria.

Handling and Reporting Incidents

No one wants incidents, but they happen. Be prepared to handle and report them appropriately, demonstrating your commitment to maintaining product quality even in challenging situations.

Addressing Discrepancies and Continuous Improvement

When auditors find issues, don’t panic. Learn how to effectively address discrepancies, implement corrective actions, and continuously improve your GDP processes.


Master the art of GDP audit preparation and execution. Uphold the highest standards of pharmaceutical distribution practices, ensuring compliance, and building patient trust.

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