WHO GDP Audit in Bareilly

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Introduction to WHO GDP Audit

Conducting a WHO GDP audit in Bareilly is a crucial endeavor to ensure the quality and integrity of pharmaceutical products throughout the distribution process. This audit assesses the compliance of pharmaceutical distributors with the Good Distribution Practices guidelines set by the World Health Organization.

Importance of GDP Audit in Pharmaceutical Distribution

The significance of a GDP audit lies in its role in maintaining the quality and authenticity of pharmaceuticals. By adhering to WHO GDP guidelines, Bareilly’s pharmaceutical distributors can guarantee the safety and efficacy of their products, ultimately building trust among consumers and stakeholders.

Steps to Conduct a Successful WHO GDP Audit in Bareilly

3.1 Pre-audit Preparation

Before initiating the audit, thorough preparation is essential:

  • Review Guidelines: Familiarize yourself with WHO’s GDP guidelines to understand the expectations.
  • Gather Documentation: Collect distribution records, quality management systems, and standard operating procedures.
  • Audit Team Formation: Assemble a qualified audit team with expertise in distribution processes and compliance.

3.2 On-site Audit Process

The main phase of the audit involves meticulous examination:

  • Entry Meeting: Introduce the audit objectives, scope, and procedures to the auditee.
  • Document Review: Scrutinize distribution records, storage conditions, and transportation practices.
  • Physical Inspection: Evaluate the warehouse layout, temperature control, security measures, and cleanliness.
  • Staff Interviews: Engage with personnel to assess their understanding of GDP principles and their roles.
  • Non-compliance Identification: Identify any deviations from GDP guidelines and document them.

3.3 Post-audit Follow-up and Reporting

After the on-site audit, these steps are crucial:

  • Findings Compilation: Organize audit findings, highlighting areas of non-compliance and improvement.
  • Audit Report: Prepare a detailed report including observations, deviations, and recommended actions.
  • Discussion Meeting: Hold a meeting with auditees to discuss findings and necessary corrective actions.
  • Corrective Measures: Collaborate with the auditee to establish a corrective action plan and timeline.

Expert Recommendations for a Smooth GDP Audit

  • Thoroughness: Pay attention to even the smallest details during the audit process.
  • Clear Communication: Maintain transparent communication with auditees for a cooperative atmosphere.
  • Collaborative Solutions: Work together to devise effective corrective actions for any identified issues.
  • Continuous Improvement: Use the audit as an opportunity to enhance existing processes and ensure ongoing compliance.


Conducting a WHO GDP audit in Bareilly is a pivotal step in upholding pharmaceutical quality and distribution standards. By following a structured approach and implementing expert recommendations, pharmaceutical distributors can navigate the audit process successfully, fostering consumer trust and industry credibility.

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